Force Feeding Food or Administering Medication to a Hatchling Snake Using a Pinkie Press

Author: Chris Read   Date Posted: 2 August 2019 

How to use a pinky pump or pinkie press with your pet snakes Learn how to use a pinky pump or pinkie press to safely force feed or administer medication to your pet snakes

Force Feeding Food or Administering Medication to a Hatchling Snake Using a Pinkie Press

PetWave pinky pumps are durable and simple and easy to use.

Some snakes or small reptiles refuse or struggle to eat thawed rodents especially early in their lives, when they are sick or when they require medication. If your baby snake develops an early aversion to eating rodents or is to too sick to eat then it can lead to health problems and even premature death. Forcing a whole pinky mouse down the snakes throat can be very distressing for a snake and can actually make them resistant to eating ongoing.

A pinkie pump also known as a pinky press, pinkie press or pinky pump is used to force feed a snake or other reptile in order to ensure adequate nutrition and survival. Pinky pumps liquify rodents into easily digestable When used properly, it allows a snake to recognise the taste and smells of thawed rodents as food and eat healthily ongoing.

Instructions to Use a Pinkie Pump:

  • thaw pinkie mice. Refer to safe ways of thawing snake foodand deadly mistakes when thawing frozen rodents.
  • cut the pinkie mice into small segments using a sharp knife. The smaller the better.
  • select the appropriate nozzle based on the size of the snakes mouth
  • put the mouse segments into the glass tube of the pinky press
  • screw the plunger onto the body of the pinkie press
  • hold the snake securely so that it can’t bit the handling
  • carefully insert the pinkie pump nozzle into the mouth of the snake and ensure that the nozzle tube enters the throat and not the air pipe
  • slowly compress the plunger of the pinkie press which will force the pinky mouse segments to liquify through the cutter and into the nozzle
  • clean the pinkie pump carefully including the nozzles 

Please note that force feeding of reptiles can be dangerous if not completed carefully. For inexperienced snake owners, it is recommended that a vet or experience reptile breeder is consulted to coach on safest techniques of force feeding snakes using a pinky press


The Pinkie Press is made of surgical stainless steel and comes with a leather case.


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