PetWave Arrival Sheet

PetWave Arrival Guide

Thank you for order. It is our pleasure to provide you with premium products at perfect prices right across Australia.

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Please find following some advice on the recommended first steps after receiving your order:

Live Fish: Keep out of direct sunlight. In order to acclimatise your new fish, preferably transfer your new fish to a pre-prepared quarantine tank (using a net) so that they can adjust to their new food and water. Provide plenty of hiding spaces in their aquarium using rocks, driftwood & aquatic plants. Feed your fish. Rearrange the hardscape in your aquarium so that existing fish territories are re-established with the new fish included. Enjoy your new fish!

Live Aquatic Plants: Plant as soon as possible in your aquarium’s substrate. Before planting, store your plants in water. Fertilise….

Live Insects: Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Replace the insect food every day or so with a slice of carrot.

Frozen Feeders: Transfer the frozen product to your freezer immediately.

For further information, refer to our caresheets at

In the rare situation that there are any issues with your delivery, please refer to for details of how to contact us. Please note that it is critical that you take photos of any issues in original packaging, immediately.

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PetWave Team

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