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PetWave Fluon Insect Barrier Paint is a PTFE based liquid that creates a nearly invisible impassable slippery fluon barrier for insects. PetWave Fluon Insect Barrier paint does not create coating bubbles which results in a smoother fluon finish. 


Even the best climbing insects such as ants, crickets, woodies and black soldier fly larvae will be prevented from escaping and Fluon is completely harmless to your insects.

Packaged in tough high density polyethylene to extend product life.


  • PTFE Fluon is the preferred insect containment choice for professional entomologists, research laboratories, scientists, breeders and hobbyists around the world;
  • PetWave Fluon Insect Barrier Paint can be applied to any smooth vertical surface used to store insects including plastic, metal and glass;
  • Fluon is perfect for keeping feeder and laboratory insects in control in their living enclosures without the humidity build up that occurs with a lid;
  • Fluon can be applied to your pets feeding bowls to keep feeder insects from getting loose and establishing in your pet’s home; 
  • Fluon is also used for preventing wild insects from gaining access to insect free areas around the house such as kitchen benches; and
  • Fluon prevents wild insects from escaping from insect traps.


How to Apply: Using a foam brush, apply a consistent 5cm to 10cm barrier of Fluon to the inside top section of your insect’s enclosure to stop them escaping. Avoid Fluon fumes by applying outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Allow Fluon to fully dry for at 30 minutes before introducing insects. Reapply Fluon every few months.


Product Maintenance: Gently roll Fluon bottles monthly to prevent clumping. Be careful not to vigorously shake or freeze Fluon as it will irreversibly clump. For maximum life, store Fluon at temperatures between 5 and 30°C.


SKU RI-Fluon-Insect-Barrier
Brand PetWave


on 27 April 2021
Product works well and was super fast delivery, would deffinatly recomend petwave.

works well and prompt delivery

on 20 May 2020
Delivery was very quick and the fluon works great (even a snail couldn't climb up it), took a little longer to dry than it said but I may have put too much liquid.


on 2 April 2020
Great product put it on as soon as I got it let it dry and then I put my Woodies in and watch them run around and slip off fantastic product

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