Live Earthworms Care Sheet


PetWave’s Premium Quality Earthworms are one of the easiest live foods to keep and use. PetWave earthworms are specially selected small worms conveniently packed in clean peat for ease of handling. They have an exceptionally long shelf life without loss of quality of vigour.

PetWave earthworms are a blend of red worms, tiger worms and African night crawlers. These different species of worms grow to varying sizes and give variety to the diet of your captive or wild animals. They are suitable for feeding to captive birds, large fish, large frogs, reptiles and axolotls. They also make a great natural feed for wild birds such as magpies, kingfishers and kookaburras and are much healthier for the birds than diced or minced meat.

How to feed:

Leave the container in a brightly lit area (but not direct sun) for a short time prior to feeding. The earthworms will travel to the centre of the container to escape the light making them easy to locate in quantity. Earthworms can be kept in a cool location for a long period.

Earthworms make excellent bait for fishing. PetWave Earthworms are slightly smaller than some of those sold in bait shops making great fish bait.

Earthworms can be added to your garden or compost pile to assist in soil aeration and the breakdown of organic matter.