Large Regular Mealworms | Australian SuperWorms | 50g Tub | Tenebrio molitar

Australia SuperWorms | Large Mealworm | Tenebrio molitar

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Large Mealworms aka Australian Superworms (Tenebrio molitor) are the larvae of mealworm beetles. They have four stages of life: egg, larvae, pupa and adult beetle. Superworms grow to their large size by carefully controlling their environment and protein levels.

PetWave Premium Quality Superworms can be added to the diet of many animals to help provide variety in a balanced and naturally nutritious diet. As active movers, live Superworms are also perfect for animals who are stimulated by the movement of live food in order to eat. They are a clean and easily handled food.

Superworms are high in protein and fat so are good for treats and building up young, sick, injured or gravid animals. Like any treat, Superworms should not be regarded as a stable food and always offered as part of a varied and well-balanced diet.

Superworms contain: 59% Moisture, 10% Protein, 13% Fat, 330mg/kg Calcium and 1650mg/kg Phosphorus. No feeders supplied by PetWave are fed any hormones.

Superworms are suitable for feeding to the following pets:

  • Lizards 
  • Frogs & Turtles
  • Predatory Fish 
  • Insect eating birds
  • Chickens 
  • Rats & Mice
  • Spiders 
  • Wildlife

Some delicate pet species can find Superworms hard to digest, due their hard exoskeleton.

Both the larva and the beetles are edible.

Feeding Superworms to Your Pet: Feed the Superworms at a rate that allows your pet to eat them immediately.

Type of Animal


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Suggested No of Superworms per Meal

Medium Birds, Medium Lizards, Large Fish & Rats

ButcherBirds, Bearded Dragons, Large Turtles, etc

page2image9904 page2image10224


Large Birds, Large Lizards, Chickens

Chickens, Kookaburras, Magpies, etc

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Remove the desired amount of Superworms from the fridge and store in a darkened position at room temperature for about a day before feeding so that the Superworms become active.

Gutloading is the simple process of feeding your Superworms high quality nutritious foods containing healthy minerals and vitamins supplements, so that the nutrition is passed to your pet. Feed the Gutload to the Superworms up to 24 hours before by putting them in a dedicated container with food covered with Gutload and then dust your Superworms calcium powder immediately before you feed them to your pet. Organic Gutload and Calcium Powder can be purchased online from PetWave.

Feeding Your Superworms: Superworms are veracious feeders and will eat any fresh or rotting fruit, vegetables, grains or grain products. Thoroughly washed fresh fruit and vegetables such as carrot, potato, pumpkin, apple, etc are ideal to meet both their food and water requirements. When outside the refrigerator, always ensure that there is sufficient food for the Superworms, otherwise they might resort to cannibalism.

Housing Your Superworms: Live Superworms can be stored in the refrigerator for months. Their storage container should have a bed of dry bran or oatmeal which serves as both a food and a substrate for the Superworms to burrow in. The cool temperatures slow the mealworm’s appetites which keeps them in the larva stage for longer. The warmer the temperatures, the more your Superworms will eat and the faster they will grow. 

Refer to PetWave Care Sheets for more information.  

Live Stock Special Shipping Requirements

At PetWave we are experts at shipping livestock (including Live Fish, Live Hermit Crabs, Live Insects and Live Aquatic Plants) across Australia. All PetWave live stock are professionally packed and shipped with absolute care and diligence. We ship our products as early as possible after you order on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week to ensure that there is no risk of our livestock being delayed over the weekend. All shipping options are designed to minimise transport time and stress on our live stock to ensure that they arrive fresh, healthy and happy.

Our premium livestock are carefully packed and labelled to ensure they arrive in great condition at your door. PetWave oversupply our insects by 10 to 20%, to allow for any make up for any small issues such as insect cannibalism. All shipments are ventilated, packed with sufficient dry food and fresh vegetables to ensure that your insects get sufficient nutrients, moisture and oxygen during their journey. All mealworms are packed in wheat bran mealworm bedding, while crickets and woodies are packed with corrugated cardboard to enable them protection and places to hide. Please refer to PetWave Care Sheets for advice on how to care for PetWave insects to ensure a safe transition to their new home.

In the rare event that live stock are adversely affected by transportation, then PetWave offers our 100% Live GuaranteeIf it's worth doing, then it's worth doing well! PetWave guarantee that our live fish, live insects, live aquatic plants and live hermit crabs will arrive alive at your door. Delivering fresh, healthy & happy live products is the core of PetWave's business and our expertise. We continually work very hard with all parts of our supply chain to ensure that your livestock arrive at your door fresh, healthy and happy.

When we identify unusually extreme temperature forecasts (cold or hot), we will either include extra packaging (such as heat packs or dry ice) or delay delivery until a more appropriate time.


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Excellent Purchase Ever

on 12 June 2020
Well I bought supper worm and crickets from them. Not even 1 die when it’s arrived. Will purchase again for sure. Highly recommended!


on 23 July 2019
So so happy with this purchase. I'll be making regular purchases from you guys for live insects. There weren't any that were dead and I was really surprised at that as I was expecting at least a few. They were packaged really really well and shown care for to make sure that they arrived in amazing condition.

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