Medium UVB Reptile Heating Kit for Vivariums & Terrariums | Contains Lamp, UVB Globe, Lamp Stand & Lamp Cover | UVB Light for Bearded Dragons

UVB Lights Protects Reptile Bones from Disease

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PetWave's UVB Lamp Stand & Shade Reptile Heating Kit for Reptile Vivariums & Terrariums

PetWave's UVB Reptile Heating Kit is a perfect way to provide UVB light to your reptiles vivarium and terrarium. It is is everythung you need to provide UVB light to your reptiles. 

This kit is made up of the following components:

Why is providing UVB light important for reptiles? Reptiles require Vitamin D3 in their system to synthesise healthy calcium levels to maintain bones, growth and egg production. Without Vitamin D3, your reptile can be susceptible to deadly Metabolic Bones Disease, blindness, mouth rot and other illnesses. For many reptiles, UVB light is the main way that Vitamin D3 is produced. For others, they may be able to get sufficient Vitamin D3 through other ways such as food. Therefore, providing UVB light is critical for many reptiles to stay healthy and thrive.
Does my reptile require UVB light? It’s important to note that all reptiles can be safely provided with UVB light, so if you are uncertain about your pet’s requirements, it is safe - and recommended - to install UVB lighting in your terrarium.

Reptiles Requiring UVB Light

Reptiles Not Requiring UVB Light

Bearded Dragons

Carpet Pythons

Blue Tongue Skinks

Green Tree Pythons



Long Necked Turtle


Short Necked Turtle


Other Diurnal Lizards


Other Desert-Dwelling Lizards





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