Cowrie Sea Shell | Cypraeidae | Medium | 50mm to 60mm Long | Aquarium, Terrarium Decoration [Length: 50 to 70mm] [Size: Medium]

Aquarium Decoration Sea Shell

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Beautiful Sea Shells Online in Australia

PetWave's beautiful sea shells, starfish and fossils enhance the natural beauty of your home and office. Our online sea shells and fossils have been specially chosen to be fascinating display decorations in your aquarium, terrarium and ocean featured rooms.

Sustainable Environment 

PetWave offer beautiful sea shells, starfish and fossils for sale online that have been sourced as sustainably as is possible. We only deal in approved sea shells, starfish and fossils and never in banned products such as coral or clams. Our natural products all comply with strict quarantine and custom requirements. 

Our beautiful online fossils, sea shells and starfish are beautifully finished and high quality.


PetWave deliver over night right across Australia using premium couriers and ensure that our sea shell, starfish and fossil packaging is of the highest quality with generous amounts of bubble wrap inside solid cardboard boxes. Spend over $149 and your online sea shells, starfish and online polished fossils will have free shipping. 

Eco-Facts - Seashells

The world's oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface, most sea-shells eminate from the world's oceans with a few species also being farmed in ponds or fresh water. 

Seashells can be divided into two basic groups – gastropods and bivalves that represent the great majority of the 160,000+ living mollusc species. The primary reason that seashells are farmed & collected around the world is for local food production. Seashells are therfore a by-product of fishing. In the tropical countries from where most seashells originate they are an important part of the local diet. The cleaning, carving, polishing and manufacture of the left-over shells into jewellery, wind-chimes and shell art are an important cottage industry. The additional income can take pressure off the need to go food fishing. In other words, regardless of whether the shells are utilized or not, they will continue to be harvested for both local and commercial consumption.

Policies by local and national environmental agencies that assist the marine environment to stay clean and free of man caused sediment, sewage, agricultural nutrient runoff and other pollutants are of utmost importance, not only for a sustainable eco-system but to the long term food production and seashell byproducts.


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